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Heritage Committee Mission Statement


Report to:


WPFC Board




Date: 14/04/2023

Mission Statement

Collect, display, preserve, document, own and market all the Memorabilia of the West Perth Football Club history, past and present.

To create a home where past players, life members and officials can network and share time together.

To encourage past players to be involved in the club and to come “home”.

To further develop the culture of West Perth Football Club for future years to come.


Main Accountabilities
Working Groups

The Heritage Committee purpose is to encourage, engage all past players, officials, life members and long serving patrons of the football club to share and participate in the WPFC Heritage Committee activities in order to:

2.1  Collect, display, preserve, document, own and market the history, and heritage, including all memorabilia of the West Perth Football Club.                   

2.2   Foster a spirit of friendship, camaraderie, and sense of common purpose between members through:

           (a)   Raising funds for the Heritage Assoc. Money to develop our Heritage and to support the WPFC.

           (b)   Heritage events to bring our PP&O back to the club.

           (c)  Communicate through digital media.

           (d)   Develop and support a WPFC PP&O Website relevant to past players; and

           (e)  Support the Football Club game day events, and business networking events.

2.3   Encourage a continuing relationship with the West Perth Football Club (WPFC) to ensure that Heritage members receive ongoing benefits from the Club including but not limited to invitations to Football Club functions and events.

2.4   Provide support and assistance to our PP&O in times of personal difficulty.

WPFC Heritage Committee have a Vision to restore and display our premiership cups, our premiership flags, captains, medallists, team photos, 200 gamers, hall of fame, life members and the clubs 130 years of history. The Heritage committee has started working on this to make Joondalup a fully decorated home of the Cardies and Falcons.

The committee target is to raise $50k by 2024.

The committee has Incorporated status as a Not-for-Profit association to raise adequate funds and protect the investment of our football heritage, over the next years

 Chairperson: Russell Ellen

WG1 - Memorabilia

Collect, display, preserve, own all the Memorabilia of the West Perth Football Club, past and present.

Team Leader: Colin Northcott

WG2 – History

Digital documentation of Memorabilia, develop ways to share our history with all West Perth FC fans.

Team Leader: Russell Ellen

WG3 – Finance

Raise and manage funds for the Association. Money to develop the memorabilia and to assist WPFC.

Team Leader: Bill Spittles, Paul Hasler

WG4 – Events.

Encourage Past Players and Officials to be involved in the club. Heritage events to bring our PP&O back to the club.

Team Leader: Andy Gorton

WG5 - Communication

Communicate with members on stories of interest past and present. Heartbeat, videos, newsletters.

Team Leader: Frank Alvaro

PP&O. Chairperson - Stan Broom

Life Members. Chairperson - Bill Spittles