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West Perth Football Club's Clint Degebrodt Champions Australia in International AFL Masters Competition

Monday, April 29, 2024 - 9:30 AM

Clint Degebrodt, the esteemed Head Coach of the West Perth Football Club's WAFLW team, recently found himself in a once-in-a-lifetime scenario. He had the honour of representing Australia in the International AFL Masters International, an experience that not only showcased his coaching prowess but also underscored his dedication to the sport.

This remarkable opportunity, which unfolded in Ireland (Galway) earlier this year, saw Degebrodt standing shoulder to shoulder with none other than Brisbane Lions legend Jason Akermanis. Together, they led Australia's contingent in the prestigious competition, demonstrating a blend of expertise, strategic insight, and passion for the game.

For Degebrodt, a seasoned football coach and operator, the chance to coach at an international level was both a privilege and a testament to his years of hard work and commitment to the sport. It was an opportunity that highlighted his ability to adapt to different contexts and to excel on a global stage.

“Working with Masters players based all over Australia represented a challenge in terms of education, cohesion, communication and comradery.” Said Degebrodt.

“Jason (Akermanis), set a specialised fitness regime specifically designed to prepare older players to arrive Tour-Fit, injury free and fresh. His expertise and the discipline of the selected players ensured this was the case…”

Recognizing the significance of Degebrodt's involvement in the AFL Masters International Competition, the club rallied behind him wholeheartedly. They understood that while Degebrodt represented his country abroad, the foundation he had laid with his coaching staff at West Perth would continue to flourish in his absence.

“I was given the opportunity as part of the professional learning that West Perth encourages and supports. I am very grateful for that.”

The club's support not only reflects their appreciation for Degebrodt's talents but also underscores their commitment to fostering a culture of excellence both on and off the field. By encouraging their staff to seize such extraordinary opportunities, West Perth Football Club exemplifies the values of ambition, teamwork, and community spirit that lie at the heart of Australian Rules Football.

Luke Richardson, Head of WAFLW Development said:

“We were excited when we heard that Deggers would be taking on this opportunity. Irrelevant of the importance and value we place on him at our football club, we believe that supporting our people when opportunities like these present themselves can only benefit our people when memories and learnings are shared – What an opportunity for growth.

We are lucky to have the coaching group we do – And they were well positioned to fulfil their duties in Deggers absence, and they did so in a manner which reflects our clubs values greatly.”

As Degebrodt returned from his international endeavour, he brought back with him not just memories but also invaluable lessons and experiences that are bound to enrich his coaching journey. His participation in the AFL Masters International Competition serves as a reminder of the endless possibilities that await those who are passionate and dedicated to their craft.

“I was able to meet some wonderful people and work with a committed group of players and coaches in the friendliest place on Earth (Galway). I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to interact with and learn from Jason Akermanis and the legendary Con O’Meara as well as share in experiences with a wealth of highly credentialed group of people and players.”


In celebrating Clint Degebrodt's achievement, the West Perth Football Club not only honors his individual success but also underscores our own commitment to nurturing talent and embracing opportunities for growth and development within the broader football community.

It should also be noted that not only did our WAFLW Head Coach make the journey to Galway as Coach to represent Australia, our clubs very own Director of Womens Football, Trish Medwin (ex-West Perth Falcon and current Board Member) was selected as one of only 4 West Australian women for the trip of a lifetime and to represent her country proudly.

“Embarking on the journey to Ireland for the Inaugural International Rules Series was an extraordinary experience, surpassing even the wildest childhood dreams of representing my country. Wearing the green and gold jersey and competing on the international stage was an honour I’ll forever hold dear.” Trish Said.

“This journey not only deepened my passion for football, but also reinforced my dedication to advancing female participation in sport. Sharing this experience with our seasoned WAFLW Head Coach, Clint Deggers, was a true highlight. Witnessing his adept leadership approach reaffirmed my confidence in our clubs direction.

Despite returning home with a few battle scars, armed with invaluable insights gained from the international arena, we’re eager to contribute these learnings to the growth and success of our WAFLW and Rogers Cup programs.

With our Board, Department Heads and under Deggers’ guidance, we will continue to make waves in the WAFLW competition in the northern corridor by nurturing the next generation of AFLW superstars.”